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Using the Internet as a Research Tool

Nicole Hennig, Web Manager
MIT Libraries, Cambridge, MA
Februrary 22, 1999

The Net as a Research Tool:
History and Research Techniques

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Company research

Company research: WSRN.com
Annual Reports: Public Register's Annual Report Service - PRARS
Industry News: Yahoo! Industry News
Business Research Guide: BRINT:"A Business Researcher's Interests"

Electronic commerce

E-Commerce: BRINT Guide to Electronic Commerce
Robot for Comparison Shopping: mySimon inc.

Legal information

Legal Research: FindLaw

Search tools

General search engine: Google
Pictures: Lycos Image Gallery
People & Business addresses: Switchboard: The Internet Directory
Software to download: Filez - Search over 75 million files.
Newsgroups: Deja News
FAQs: FAQ Archives

Security & Privacy

EPIC: Electronic Privacy Information Center


Travel Auction: TravelBids
Guide to Booking Travel: Yahoo! Travel

More information

Research on the Web: 2 class outlines (4 hours each)


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