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Lunch Time Internet Seminars
Presented by the Corporate Library

Corporate Center, room 129
12:15 to 12:45

Free seminars * No need to sign up * Open to all employees * Bring your lunch!

Friday, Sept. 26, 1997 Information Superhighway or Information Flea Market?
Researching Companies on the Internet
Tuesday, Oct. 28, 1997 The Right Tool for the Job--Constructing Your Internet Toolbox:
Maps, Dictionaries, Phone Books, Weather Reports, Time Zones, Currency Converters, and More!
Friday, Nov. 14, 1997 The Bose Intranet Guided Tour:
What's available now, what's coming soon, and how you can contribute
Friday, Dec. 5, 1997 Journals and Newspapers on the Web:
What's full text, what's free, and what's not
(December's seminar will be in R & D Conference room G)
Thursday, Jan. 15, 1998 Search from Your Desktop -- Full text journals articles using ProQuest Direct:
Use the web to search this commercial database for journal and newspaper articles, available to Bose employees through the web
Thursday, Feb. 12, 1998 Custon News & Articles Direct to Your Email!:
Alert services available to Bose employees through the Corporate Library commercial databases
Thursday, Mar. 19, 1998 Virtually International:
Finding web sites outside of the U.S., special tools and search engines for Europe, Asia, Latin America, and non English-language web sites
Thursday, April 16, 1998 By the Numbers -- Statistics on the Web:
Finding the best web sites for statistics, everything from the Bureau of Labor Statistics to statistics on Internet use around the world